Alex Stewart India specializes in offering services to steel industry including loading and discharge supervision of finished and semi-finished steel products. Inspection services determine the quality and quantity of steel products through various methods such as weighing, sampling, and testing.
OUR SERVICES COVER:                                                                                                                                                                          

  • Inspection of Ship’s cargo compartments w.r.t their suitability and cleanliness, study of the effect of  previous cargo residues, recommendation of preventive measure if adverse effect is suspected
  • Inspection of Cargo condition to assess degree of rust if affected by fresh / sea water
  • Continuous supervision of loading / discharge operations
  • Tally supervision of cargo during loading / discharge
  • Investigation of nature, cause and extent of cargo damages
  • Assistance to vessel’s Master in documentation to suitably qualify the Mate’s Receipts / Bills of  Lading to protect the interest of the party represented.
  • Comment on Loading, Stowage and Securing of Cargo in the Vessel’s cargo compartments prior proceeding on an ocean passage.
  • Physical Verification of Quality and Quantity as per the Invoice / Shipping Documents