Alex Stewart India offers a complete range of Marine Surveys to clients such as Ship Owners, Charterers and others who have asset interests in the marine related sector. Such surveys are conducted with the best combination of proven technical resources and expertise in a comprehensive manner to certify the quality and quantity of cargo and assess the condition of vessels.
Draught Survey
Supervision of Loading & Unloading
Tally Supervision
Supervision of Cargo Stowage
Supervision of Weighment
Supervision of Damage Cargo Assessment & Re-constitution
Hatch Inspection
On Hire / Off Hire Surveys
Pre-purchase / Hull / Machinery Inspection of Vessels
Hull & Machinery Damage Inspection
Container Inspection
Cargo Damage Surveys & Assessment of Loss

On Hire / Off Hire Surveys, Pre-purchase / Hull / Machinery Inspection of Vessels, Hull & Machinery Damage Inspection, Container Inspection, Draught Survey, Supervision of Loading & Unloading, Tally Supervision